Knowledge and Understanding

Isn’t it frustrating when knowledge is barricaded by complex systems of learning that don’t seem to make sense? That was my story. Moving from state to state frequently as a child, I missed some crucial building blocks of understanding. No measure of desire to know would help me when what was being taught was already too far ahead.

As an adult, I found tools to facilitate learning what I missed in the public school system.  Home educating my own children, I not only filled in the missing blanks for myself but also learned techniques to help other frustrated learners understand and master the material.

I hope this site will become a valuable resource; a bridge to understanding difficult concepts for elementary grades through junior high school. Please let me know if there is a particular concept you want me to cover.

You can follow my educational video posts and shares on Youtube by searching for GettingDialectic.

May God bless you on your journey from knowledge to understanding!

– Jane Clark

Author: Jane E Clark

I am a wife, mom, grandmother, teacher, and a writer of children's stories, articles, and poetry.

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