Who Am I Writing For?

 Some compromises are just not worth taking.

In the 1990’s I began writing children’s books. At the time, I was acting President of the North East Mississippi Writer’s Forum and had access to lots of professional advice and knew a few publishers. One children’s book publisher, who also happened to be a Christian, was interested in a new story I’d written, called “The Tattle Snake.” She asked to hold it for 6 months to consider it. As she was a brand new publisher, she wanted to be sure that the first books she published were going to do well in the marketplace.

Since this was a book I had both written and illustrated, I had high hopes for its publication. After six months passed we met over coffee. She told me that she still loved the book but wanted me to make a few changes. I had mentioned “Creator” in the story, and she thought it would be more marketable – I would have a wider audience – if I took out reference to God. She also didn’t like the way I chose to portray my characters.  “Kids won’t want to read a story about snakes,” she said. “What about using something friendlier, like rabbits?”  I was crestfallen. She was suggesting I rip the heart and soul out of my book and start over. The purpose of my story was to show the foolish tendencies of siblings to battle for position and treat one another as enemies. The entire story was told in rhyme using the S-sound to mimic the snakes. Since the Creator’s words resolved the problem, there was no way I could remove the reference. Nor, did I want to.

I wasn’t writing this book to become wealthy. I was writing it to instruct young minds in an engaging way and to honor God in the process. The story was filled with truth, and it needed to stay that way. That afternoon I made a decision to begin self-publishing. I’d also heard that children’s book authors rarely get to select their own artist or draw their own illustrations. Since my daughter loved to illustrate, this would also give her an opportunity. Thus began “Carrot Patch Productions” (named after ). “The Tattle Snake” was the first of three stories that I’ve self-published. I still have three more that need to go to press, including “Once Upon A Carrot Patch.”

Who do I write for? I write for the Lord, and I write for children. As one who was foolish, I wanted to share the wisdom that I had discovered. As one who was lost, I wanted to give direction that I had found. Sometimes, I write articles for their parents. My heart’s desire is to teach and encourage through my writing, to the glory of God and the building up of the saints. It may be that some of my work has an appeal to a wider market, but I don’t care if it does or not.  Some compromises are just not worth taking. For me, self-publishing wasn’t about vanity (some call this vanity-publishing). It wasn’t about making a lot of money. If someone couldn’t afford the book, I gave it to them. The Lord is my supply and money is a small issue compared to the great treasure of influencing a generation for good. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart give Him glory and bless many. It is my hope that my blogging and future video and downloadable products will do just that!

Author: Jane E Clark

I am a wife, mom, grandmother, teacher, and a writer of children's stories, articles, and poetry.

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