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A Novel Idea: Constructing the Plot
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A Novel Idea – Crafting Characters
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Who Am I Writing For?
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A Novel Idea – Setting
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A Novel Idea – Genre
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A Novel Idea – Introduction to Creative Writing
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6 Steps to Orderliness
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Do All Things in Love
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My top 10 Picks for Educational Youtube Subscriptions! (Middle-Schoolers)
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My Top Picks of Free or Cheap Web-Sources for Elementary-Middle Schoolers.
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Step by Step Techniques to Teach Poetry Writing
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Learning Logs
Note taking is a crucial skill that is rarely taught.  While shorthand or abbreviations, keywords, and pictures are useful when[...]
Is there a “right way” to homeschool?
We chose home education to provide what was needed and not available through traditional means.  For our family, the choice[...]
Avoiding Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism Copyright infringement - Publishing a plagiarized work. This is a crime.  Ideas are not copyrightable. Titles are not either.[...]
Proofreading and Grading the Essay
Evaluating the First Draft When inexperienced students are starting out, go through the process with them, assisting in each step of[...]
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Knowledge and Understanding
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